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New Payment Processor Tether ERC20 Added.
Dear users,
We have added a new payment processor, Tether ERC20.
From today, You can make deposits and withdrawals through Tether ERC20.
We wish you great profits and thank you for joining us!
best regards,
Uranus Crypto Mining LTD Team
Aug-23-2022 07:19:53 AM
Stay up-to-date with our news and development plans
Dear Users,
We proudly present the Uranus mining platform created to expand our company's international presence in the cryptocurrency market
and allow anyone from any corner of the world to participate in our investment projects.
You can now visit our website for a complete program of investment services, as well as to make your first deposit.
We appreciate your trust and are committed to creating comfortable working conditions for each user. Our years of work experience
and impeccable strategy give our partners confidence that they are doing the right thing when taking advantage of their current investment opportunities.
Join Uranus Crypto Mining Limited and share it with your friends through your own promotion link, you will have the opportunity to get unlimited promotion commissions.
Don't miss a great opportunity to transform your life situation and financial freedom!
Best regards,
Uranus Crypto Mining Team
Aug-16-2022 04:11:19 PM
Uranus Crypto Mining Limited officially launched!
Dear visitors,
We are pleased to announce the official launch of our online platform. After a long period of dedication and careful planning,
our website is now fully operational and available to general public and investors from anywhere in the world.
We focus on developing a solid investment offer based on our believes that stability is a major requirement for a successful investment strategy.
To ensure a convenient worldwide user experience, we accept some of the most used cryptocurrencies - Bitcoin, Tether, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin.
Furthermore, an experienced team is always ready to help and support our users.
We will take every effort to fulfill our clients higher expectations and take excellent care of their interests.
We truly hope to build a long and successful partnership with you, making this, one of the most successful financial programs on the market.
Best wishes,
Uranus Crypto Mining Limited Team
Jul-5-2022 08:55:19 AM